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Mini Militia: Best game for Android and iOS

A smartphone without a good game can’t be considered as “smart” anyway. Most of us have a lot of smartphone games included in our devices. But are they worth installing in your phones? The fact is that most of those games are just staying in your devices and wasting its memory rather than providing any entertainment to the users. Now, it’s time to remove all those junk from your phone and try something new. Yes, I am talking about the Mini Militia APK for Android and iOS devices. This is a very good smartphone game that can be played even in a multiplayer mode that supports up to 6 players online. For users connected to a local Wi-Fi, it can support playing the game with 11 others connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Features of Mini Militia App for Android and iOS

Coming as a shooting game designed to play well in a multiplayer mode, the Mini Militia APK is among the best smartphone games that work both in the Android and iOS smartphones. This game is also known by the name Doodle Army 2. It allows the users to select from any of the 3 available modes which include Solo Play, Quick Play and Multiplayer with Lan Wi-Fi. Each of these 3 modes requires the users to play with different targets and the Multiplayer options are the most interesting ones if you have gone through a good training session using the Solo mode.

The variety of guns available in this game can make your really happy. Same is the case with the Avatars also. They are designed with very attractive looks and force you to try each one of them. The graphics of this game also looks good and it can even play well in smartphones with 2 GB RAM.

Download Mini Militia APK for Android

Android users can search for the Mini Militia Game in the Google Play Store. Being a legitimate app, it is available there for download and does not cost anything to the users. The latest version of this app is v4.0.11 and is getting updated on a regular basis. So, the users are recommended to update the Mini Militia APK whenever an update is available. This will provide them with all the latest features of the Mini Militia APK for Android. A total download of more than 10 Million with a rating of 4.5 stars from Google Play Store shows the popularity of this app among the users.

Mini Militia Download for iOS

The iPhone and iPad users can download the Mini Militia for iOS from the iTunes Store. This is a free game available there and it supports all the iOS versions, from iOS 6 and above. As all the currently available  iOS devices on the market come with an OS above this, it can literally work on all the  iPhones and iPads. Users all around the World are found to download Mini Militia for iPhone and that itself is a proof of how efficient this game is in making the users satisfied. This game available on Android Google Play Store and and also in iTunes.

Mini Militia Game Trailer

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