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There is no doubt that communication is the key to success whether it is about professional or personal relationship. When it comes to determining communication options for the contemporary people, you can determine plenty of choices – from mobile communication to communication over the web. With growing number of online users, it has become an essential task to set up an email address. It is observed that most of the individuals perform their personal as well as professional tasks over an email address. Which is the best email service provider? The simplest answer to this question is Gmail. It is one of the greatest offerings of Google. With up to one billion of users throughout the world, Gmail has become the first priority of most the contemporary professionals, individuals and even companies.

Do you want to know about Gmail history? Do you want to unveil various Gmail features? Do you want to learn how to create a Gmail account? Do you want to learn how to log into your Gmail account? Do you want to learn how to send email in Gmail?  And in case of forgetting your Gmail password, you must want to learn how to get your Gmail password back. If you want to know answers to above asked questions, you need to keep reading this exclusive piece of writing.

Gmail Short History

Gmail is a highly used free, ads-supported email service. Google provides this amazing service to users worldwide. Gmail was introduced as a basic invitation-only service on 1st of April, 2004. On 7th of February, 2007, it was introduced to general people. In the year of 2009, Google upgraded Gmail functionalities. It was the first email service that started offering 1GB of space to its users. Since it was introduced with mesmerizing features, it soon became the key player in the online communication industry. Now, Gmail is being used by more than one billion of active users throughout the world.

Gmail Features

One of the key reasons behind the tremendous popularity and demand of Gmail is its amazing features. Since it offers endless features to use, it has become the first choice of users of different nature. Whether you are a hardcore corporate professional or a college-going student, you always like to unveil benefits of using Gmail. However, Gmail comes with tons of features to unveil, but most of users aren’t aware of the fact. Let’s have a quick look at some of the key features in Gmail.

Sending and Receiving Email

It is certainly the most used feature of Gmail service. Whether you want to send a birthday wish to your friend or want to share your invoice, you always find Gmail a right choice to go with. Sending and receiving emails is the key feature of using a Gmail account. If you have already created a Gmail account, you must be aware of this fact. There are basically three categories available to consider when it comes to emailing on Gmail i.e. primary, social and promotions. You usually receive your important mails in primary inbox such as mail from your friend or co-worker. Social inbox is used to receive emails from your social connections online. For instance, you will receive notifications about your YouTube subscriptions in this inbox. Now, the third one is promotion. Here you receive emails from companies, people and organizations promoting their services and products online. Moreover, all the suspicious emails can be seen in spam box. In case of receiving something unwanted in one of your inbox, you can mark it as spam. You can also unsubscribe or block the sender.

Text Messaging

It is another exciting feature in Gmail. If you want to send text message for free, you need to look nowhere else but Gmail. Whether you want to send text messages to your friend or senior officer, you will always find it a right choice to go with. There is no limit for sending messages to anyone added to your Gmail account.

Video Calling

If you don’t want to enjoy sending text message, you have another option to go with i.e. video calling. This facility enables you communicate with a person face to face. It means that you can see, talk and in some extent feel the person you are talking at the time of chatting on Gmail.


However, Google hangouts is also used for the same communication purposes i.e. sending text message and making video calls in real time, but it has distinct popularity. If you own a compatible handset, you can download Google hangouts to get in touch with your friends, family members and colleagues.

Search Options

There could be hundreds of emails in your inbox. You may also need to find out a certain emails that your friend or business partner sent you. What to do in this situation? You need to unveil the power of search options in Gmail. Yes, you can easily find out a certain mail or message received by your mail box. For this, you just need to type the email address, certain words or even name of the person, you will be able to find out most relevant results instantly. Now, you can analyze to find out your real search.

How to Create a New Gmail Account

Having gone through aforementioned features of Gmail, now you must want to create an account. If this is the case, you first need to understand that it is a free service, and can be availed by anyone. If you want to get a Gmail account created online, you just need to follow stated below points. So, let’s have a detailed look at how you can create a new Gmail account.

  • First of all you need to visit at


  • Here you will find Sign in option.
  • Since you don’t have an account, you need to choose the option “Create a new Account”.
  • By clicking on “Create Account” option, you will be redirected to a new web page.
  • Here you are advised to provide certain information of you such as your full name, address, mobile number, and an alternate email address.


  • You also need to choose a User Name.
  • Check out whether your chosen User Name is available or not.
  • Now, it is time to choose a Password.
  • While choosing a Password, you should not forget adding numbers, signs etc.
  • Once done, move to next process.
  • You will be sent a “One Time Password” (OTP) for the verification on your mobile number.
  • You may also be sent email on your given email address for the verification.
  • Kindly make the confirmation.
  • Now, you are ready to log into your newly created Gmail account.
  • You should remember that you can also use your Gmail account as your Google account, YouTube account, account, etc.

How to Log Into Gmail Account

Having created your account on Gmail, you must want to learn how you can log into your Gmail account. If this is the case, you need to keep reading stated below step-by-step guidelines on to log into Gmail account.

  • First of all, you need to visit at
  • Here, you will find an option i.e. User name.


  • Write down your “user name”. Remember, you don’t need to write your complete email address in the box.
  • Click on blue-colored “Next” option.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you need to enter your Gmail Password.


  • Hit the “Enter Key” and you will be into your account.
  • Now, you can unveil the benefits of using a Gmail account.

How to Send Email in Gmail

One of the key reasons behind setting up a Gmail account is to send and receive emails. However, receiving mails is easy, and needs no extra endeavor. But when it comes to sending email, you need to learn it. Are you confused? If so, then you should go through stated below guidelines on how to send emails in Gmail.

  • Kindly visit at
  • Enter your “User name” on given empty space.
  • Click on “Next” option.
  • Here you need to enter your “Password”.
  • Please hit the “Enter Key”.
  • You are now in your Gmail account.
  • Since you want to send a fresh mail, you first need to click on “Compose” option on the top of left corner.
  • By clicking on “Compose” option, you will be redirected to a new page.


  • Here, you first need to write an email address where you want to send email.
  • Now, write something in mail subjective. For instance, if you want to send your CV for a job, you can write down CV for certain job.
  • Now, click the tab key in the computer, you will be on main page.
  • Here, you can write texts.
  • You can also customize your texts. For instance, you can bold your texts, make it colorful and even use bullets and other symbols to make your mail as much attractive and useful as you want.
  • If you want to add media i.e. images or even short video clips, you can also do it by clicking on Attachment at the bottom of main email page.


  • Click on “Attachment”, you will be given be option to choose images or files from your computer storage or device memory.


  • Choose certain photo, files and other documents to attach to your mail.


  • Once done, you will be ready to send your mail to written email address.
  • For this, you need to click on given “Send” option.
  • By clicking on “Send” option, your mail will be sent to written email address.
  • Here, one point should be noted that you can also customize your settings for email sending. For instance, you can choose the option to “Undo” your sent mail within a few seconds.

How to Retrieve Your Forgotten Gmail Password

However, you always try to keep your password in mind, but still there could be situations when you may forget your Gmail password. Now what to do? In case of forgetting your Gmail password, you can easily be able to retrieve it. Do you want to learn how to get your forgotten Gmail password back or reset it? If your answer to this most asked question is yes, then you should go through given below complete information on how to get your forgotten Gmail password regained or reestablished.


  • First, you should visit at
  • Please write down your user name in the given User Name box.
  • Since you don’t remember your Gmail password, you need to click on “Need Help” option.
  • When you click the “Need Help”, you will be given option to receive a message or code on your registered mobile number.
  • Check out whether you still have the same number or not.
  • Now, click on “Next” option.
  • Check out your mobile inbox.
  • Please write down the received code on given box on your Gmail forgot password page.
  • Enter the Code in the given empty box.
  • Now, write a new password and then rewrite it to confirm.
  • Click on next step.
  • You may be given an overview on going through your settings.
  • You may make changes to it.

What Should You Avoid When Using Gmail?

  • First, you should not share your User Name and Password with anyone around you.
  • You should not forget signing out from your Gmail account when the task is done.
  • It is better to log into your account from a secured device and network.
  • You should avoid logging into your account using a shared network.
  • Do not click on links that you receive in your spam box.
  • Always reset your password after a certain period of time.
  • If you are getting unnecessary promotional or otherwise, you can block them permanently.
  • You may also tag unwanted emails as spam.
  • For more security, you can customize your Gmail account settings.

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