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There is no doubt that sending and receiving emails have become an essential task of modern lifestyle. Whether for professional or personal purposes, you always need to have an email address to send and receive important emails. There could be various options to determine when it comes to choosing a webmail service – from Gmail to, but the most effective one is Hotmail.

It is considered among the oldest options when it comes to creating an email account online. Do you want to know the history of Hotmail? Do you want to learn how to create an account on Hotmail or Do you want to learn how to log into your Hotmail account? Have you forgotten your Hotmail account password? Do you want to get your hotmail password retrieved? If your answer to above asked questions is yes, then you should keep reading this informative piece of writing.

Here, you will be given brief information about the history of Hotmail. You will be given step-by-step guidelines on how to create a Hotmail account. You will also learn how to go through Hotmail login process. And yes, you can be able to understand how to get your forgotten Hotmail password retrieved.

History of Hotmail is a popular web-based suite of contact, calendaring, tasks and yes webmail services from renowned Microsoft. When it comes to determining globe’s first webmail solutions, Hotmail can be positioned on the top. Hotmail was introduced in 1996 by famous internet entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia and his friend Jack Smith at Mountain View in California. The initial headquarter of the company was established in Sunnyvale. In the year of 1997, Hotmail was officially acquired by Bill Gates’ Microsoft for about $400 million. It was reintroduced as MSN Hotmail. After sometime, it was rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail, which was a part of Windows Live collection of products.

The final version of Hotmail was introduced in October 2011 by Microsoft. It is usually available in about 36 languages worldwide. In the year of 2013, Hotmail was repositioned by However, the metro design officially language of Microsoft remains the same. didn’t make any changes to it. But it slightly resembles the user interface of popular Microsoft outlook. The best part of this webmail service is that it offers unlimited storage facility, contact management, calendar, Ajax, and yes effective integration with Office Online, OneDrive and Skype. It was officially announced that a preview of the same introduced would move it to the Office 365 architecture in 2015.

Moreover, Microsoft also concluded that its preview level in February 2016 especially when it started introducing the new version of the service to users’ accounts. The process was started from North America. According to 2015 official announcement, there are about 400 million highly active users for Hotmail.

How to Create Hotmail Account

It is a fact that Microsoft Hotmail has emerged as the best option to go with when it comes to unveiling the benefits of an outstanding webmail service. It has lots of features to offer end users such as instant messaging, email, Xbox Live, and various other Microsoft solutions. Users can easily access of the services by using a single Windows Live ID. Moreover, by introducing OneDrive, it has enabled users to access their files in their inbox, across their Macs, PCs, iPads, and other smart phones. Since it is considered among the top webmail services in the world, online users want to have at least one Hotmail account.

Do you also want to have a Hotmail account? If yes, then you should first learn how to create Hotmail account. Are you still in dilemma? If your answer is yes, then you should go through stated below step-by-step guidelines on how to create Hotmail account.

  • First, you are suggested to visit at the official website i.e. at
  • Here, you will find two choices i.e. sign in and Sign up.
  • If you have already an account with the site, you just need to enter your user name followed by a password, and then hit the enter key to access mesmerizing features of Hotmail.
  • But if you don’t have an account, you are advised to click on Sign up option to grab a Windows Live Account.
  • By clicking on the Sign up option, you will be taken to a new web page.
  • Here you are advised to fill the online form with adequate information of you.
  • You need to submit details of you such as your full name, residence address, and email address if you have one, contact information, and other details.
  • Now, click on Next option.
  • You will reach on a new page where you need to go through a security process.
  • It means that you need to choose security questions so that you can retrieve your hotmail password in case of forgetting it.
  • Now, you are advised to choose a Hotmail user name. Here one point should be noted that you aren’t supposed to choose an already existing user name.
  • If you find it difficult to determine a user name, you should go with the automatic suggestions of the user name.
  • Once you determine the user name, you need to choose password.
  • You should be very conscious while selecting a password.
  • You should try to choose all the 16 characters to make a stronger password.
  • You are advised to choose combination of numerical and characters.
  • Do not forget capitalizing at least a single character to ensure more security for your Hotmail account.
  • Now, you need to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Since Hotmail wants to avoid spamming, virus attack and other issues, it first confirms whether the job is being done by a human or not.
  • Therefore, you should not forget resolving the capcha code.
  • If you find it difficult to read the secret words, you can choose audio option.
  • Once you successfully submit the secret words, you need to move for the next step.
  • Here, you are advised to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on “I accept” option
  • Having accepted the Terms of Use, you will be sent an email to your given email address or a security code i.e. OTP (One Time Password) to your mobile number.
  • You need to go through both verification processes to ensure that you should be able to log into your Hotmail account.

How to Login Into Hotmail Account

If you are assuming that by merely creating an account on Hotmail, you can be able to enjoy exclusive services, you need to change your perception. In order to unlock various webmail services associated with your Hotmail account, you should first learn how to log into your Hotmail account. Do you still have several doubts? If yes, then you should go through stated below complete process of how to log into Hotmail account.

  • First, you should visit at
  • Here, you need to visit at sign in page.
  • Here, you will find USE YOUR MICROSOFT ACCOUNTS option.
  • Now, you are advised to enter your email, Skype name, or phone number into given field.
  • Now, click on next option.
  • Here, you will find password option.
  • Please enter your Hotmail account password on given empty box.
  • Once done, you need to click on Submit option.
  • Now, you are in.
  • You can easily send/receive emails and unveil plenty of other webmail services associated with your Hotmail account.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Password in Hotmail

However, you always try to keep your Hotmail password saved somewhere to recall it, but despite of all of your endeavors, you may still forget your password. If you have forgotten your Hotmail password, you need to get it back. Now, the question arises here how to get my Hotmail account password back? The process of retrieving forgotten Hotmail account password is easy and swift. Here, you will know about how you can get your forgotten hotmail password back by following simple process. Are you still confused? If so, then you should go through stated below complete process on how to retrieve hotmail forgotten password online.

  • The first step towards your attempt to retrieve your forgotten hotmail password is to visit the official website i.e. at
  • When you are on home page, you need to find out “sign in” option.
  • You need to choose “Can’t Access Your Account” option.
  • By clicking on CAN’T ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT, you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Here you need to choose I FORGOT MY PASSWORD option.
  • Once you click on I FORGOT MY PASSWORD option, you need to click on Next option.
  • Here, you are required to enter your existing hotmail address i.e. the account you want to access to in the given Microsoft account space.
  • Having done the aforementioned process, you need to go through a verification process.
  • So, you should choose an appropriate verification method.
  • By choosing security question option, you need to answer the questionnaire.
  • You may need to answer the questionnaire or may not be.
  • Once you successfully go through the verification process or security check, you will be sent a security code to your contact number.
  • Now, you need to enter the received security code on given empty box.
  • Once, you hit the enter key, you can be able to choose a new password for your Hotmail account.
  • Now, you can log into your Hotmail account with a new password.

How to Protect Your Hotmail Account

It might be possible that you may be sharing sensitive personal, professional and financial information through your hotmail account. Therefore, you should first concentrate on making your account as much secure as possible. However, Hotmail already comes loaded with innovative security features, but due to a few minor mistakes of users, the account might be hacked or misused. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the security of your account. How to make your hotmail account secured from potential online threats? If this is also your question, you should check out stated below points.

  • While creating Hotmail account, you should try to submit all factual information of you. However, you can easily create a hotmail account by providing misleading or false information, but it may create issues for you when you forgot your hotmail account.
  • You should try to choose a hotmail password keeping the certain rules in mind. For instance, you should always use a letter in upper case. You should not forget adding numbers to your password. It is better if you can choose all 16 characters.
  • You must avoid sharing your personal information with anyone around you. It is often seen that despite of choosing a stronger password, many users still have to deal with account hacked issues. The key reason behind this situation is that they simply share their personal information with others. So, hackers can use your personal information to go through the security check or questionnaire.
  • It is better if you don’t share your password with anyone around you.
  • You are highly advised to keep changing your hotmail password periodically.
  • If you are going to log into your hotmail account from a public device, you should first confirm that there should be no hidden key logger to save your password automatically.
  • If you use factual information of you then you can easily retrieve your forgotten hotmail password.
  • It is highly suggested that you should avoid opening the suspicious mails. It is often observed that most of the hackers online try to leave key logger or something else in your hotmail account to steal your personal and professional information.
  • You should go through security features so that you can give extra protection to your hotmail account.
  • You are suggested to block suspicious senders so that your account can be accessed only by people who are authorized.
  • You should keep visiting the official website to know about latest security changes to the hotmail account.

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